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Growing as His Child

Growing as His Child
We have all watched the incredible growth of children near us. Some might be fortunate enough to have their own child and others of us watch children in our extended family or our church family. It was jokingly said to the mother of a one year old “enjoy this time, tomorrow he will be off to kindergarten”. It often seems that way, doesn’t it? That tiny, helpless infant is born and the clock speeds up, maybe not during the sleepless night era, but just wait, as the song so aptly puts it “turn around and they are grown with babies of their own.”
Some things are supposed to take time in the process. Once again I am thinking back to a brain fogged conversation I had with the Lord. Yes, I kept a journal so I can revisit that moment:
Prayer: Oh, Lord, it is early and I’m SO foggy. Help me awaken to worship You. I need You and worship You, my Jesus!
Child, my little one, I’m still setting you free in Me. All is not accomplished overnight, nor is it supposed to be. Take heart, as there are times and seasons. You are in a productive/pruning one. Yet, fear not, I AM gentle and know you/your areas of need. Stay yielded. Pain comes through ripping and tearing of resistance. Trust Me and let My love untangle you from things which sap life or kill the tender parts of you. I love you much more than you even know how to love yourself. Selah.
In Psalm 118:5 is one of my very favorite verses speaking of calling out to the Lord in anguish and having Him answer by setting (the psalmist and this writer) free.
Once again we can be a total mess, but honestly crying out and the Lord meets us there and then does the impossible in setting us free. How incredible is that? Just stop to think about that for a moment.
Matthew 21:43 speaks of the kingdom of God being taken away from one and given to another who will produce fruit.
Are you willing to produce fruit? If so the kingdom will be given to you. If not, ask the Lord to help you be willing so that you will not miss out on the most incredible blessing of being fruitful and productive in God’s kingdom.
In Matthew 3:8 we are reminded to producing fruit that is in keeping with repentance. That would be good fruit that is in line with what has happened in our lives through “turning around”. Fruit that reflects the changes made in us, the new creature in Christ.
The next scripture speaks of the “D” word again, discipline. Disciple and discipline seem to go together and it should bring a warm response to us that our God cares enough to discipline us while we grow as disciples of Christ. Sometimes it brings a groaning response. I know that I personally need to get past that and allow it to bring a GROWING time instead.
Hebrews 12:11
No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it. (NIV)
In John 10:10 we are reminded that the thief comes only to kill and destroy but that Jesus came so that we might have life, abundant life!
Prayer: Lord Jesus please help each of us to grow daily as Your kids. Help us to choose the right response and attitudes through times of discipline and to shine with You! Help us to yield to Your Holy Spirit moment by moment.  AMEN

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