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How Capable is God in Your Life

How Capable is God in Your Life
Are you walking on water in the middle of the storm or are you going through fiery trials thinking you are ready for the burn unit, maybe a little bit of both is happening to you right now. During the time I was thinking about this and bringing things before the Lord I was particularly concerned about a friend. Many other times in my walk with the Lord I found myself in the trial and tribulation department. This study can apply to both situations. I think I can be pretty sure when I say that if you are a born again believer you definitely know there IS a battle, and then you hear His still, small voice whispering in your ear:
My child, think it not strange the fiery trials you’re going through. Remember Peter, as he kept looking up to Me, did what was humanly impossible through the power of My Holy Spirit. You cannot walk on top of the stormy waters but for Me. Yet I can take your hand and you shall walk in a new dimension; one humanly impossible, as I, Your Lord lift you up.
Come unto me all you who are weak and heavy laden and I will give you rest/renewal/restoration. I shall lift you up if you relax in My arms. Yield, snuggle in My everlasting arms, have a good cry, pour out your heart to Me, my daughter. I LOVE you. I weep with you and I desire to release you into that peace and joy you long for in your walk/life.
Dwell in/on My Word. Praise Me. I shall change your heart and circumstances beyond what you can believe or hope. Run to your Father and let it all out. I AM the burden bearer. Press in as never before. I AM victory – lift up your arms/eyes to Me. I shall release you both. Selah.
Have you ever wondered what kind of man James was? I certainly have when I read some of his writings. James 1:2 starts out his part of the Bible with a bang. Notice he didn’t say, hang on, this will not last for long or your character is being perfected through this. What kind of man could say “count it all joy whenever you face trials of many kinds?” Who did he know that helped him be this radical? What had happened in his life for him to be able to make this very abnormal assertion? Actually, he knew the same Lord and savior that, gulp, we do, the Lord Jesus Christ who was fully human and fully God. Oh, my.
I am not sure how this affects you but I could tell you a bit about me. Yes, times of trials get a bit less daunting over the years. Not because I am so wonderful or incredible but because He is. I have seen that Jesus is faithful, creative, takes my hand and walks me through. I will readily admit that I do not get up in the morning when I am facing something daunting and shout “goodie, a chance to rub off some of those lumps and bumps in me.” I sit and wonder what kind of a character transformation it would take to make me thing differently, yes, I know Jesus is more than able. “Yes, I have been through the fire before and He has brought me through. Sometimes I feel I am “retaking” the midterm for Patience 101 over and over and over, how about you? And that is just one example.
Then we take a look at Peter. Did I mention that having Peter in my Bible gives me hope? Well, it does. Good old “open mouth and insert foot” Peter. Yes, I definitely claim him as my brother! In this instance he was the only one in the boat who stepped out and walked towards Jesus.
Matthew 14:30 states that Peter (my brother) got out of that boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus! Then he began to look around at the wind and was afraid and began to sink but at least he cried out “Lord, save me!”. During the storm he knew where to turn, to Jesus. Yep, I am proud to call him my big brother and continue to learn from him all the time.
Psalm 146:8 is full of promises for us telling how the Lord gives sight to the blind. I suspect that it is not only referring to physical sight here but also spiritual sight. I have been SO blind. Since I gave my heart and life to Jesus I have been getting better and better eye exams each year. Physical eye exams and certainly spiritual.
Have you ever heard it taught that if you come to Jesus all your problems will be solved? Well, David, who was a man after God’s own heart had a different view of this all. In Psalm 18:6 he spoke of being in distress. No, that is not a “negative confession”, that is David speaking truth and reality. Yes, David was distressed BUT he knew where to go for help in his distress. “I cried to my God for help”. We cannot do it all ourselves, we were not made to be self sufficient but to need our God. Does that surprise you? It shouldn’t. And then David said something wonderful. God heard him. Just as He will and does hear us.
No wonder David’s response in Psalm 61:4 is that he longs to dwell in God’s “tent” forever and take refuge in the shelter of God’s “wings”. He knew from experience where his place of rest was and so can we.
In Matthew 11:28 Jesus says “come unto me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.” To me, this verse amplifies and affirms what David was saying in Psalm 61.
Prayer: Dear Jesus, please be with my sister and be the lifter of her head.  Help her draw even closer to You through this trying time. Thank You for Your wisdom and comfort for her. Help me to be your arms reached out and your hands extended and show me what that means. AMEN
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