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How Well Does Your Best Friend Know You

How Well Does Your Best Friend Know You
You might think that is a silly question. But really it is not. It depends on how much you share with that friend or how much you allow them to know, doesn’t it? Well, with the Lord Jesus Christ it is different. Actually it is very different even if you do not count Him as your friend. It is He who knit you together in your mother’s womb. It is He who “thought you up” all those parts of you which make you uniquely you, those physical and personality wise, those mental and that which comprises your soul. To say that Jesus knows me better than I do, would be most accurate. Besides, he is not stuck in time but has seen the end from the beginning.
So when the Lord Jesus lays things on my heart, I listen. I don’t always act as I should or not necessarily with total follow through. That is my issue and I suspect many can relate.One day I turned in and “heard” that quiet whispering to that inner part of my being:
Daughter, I AM doing a new thing, be not puzzled nor dismayed, arise and be filled. You are to go forth in joy and be led out in peace and the leaves and the trees shall break forth before you into singing. 
I Am gentle. My ways are of peace. Stand on the ROCK of your salvation. Be Prepared. I love you and Am with you, fear not nor be dismayed. What looks like a gathering of storm clouds will be turned soon to a vision in the skies for My glory.
Fear Not, I Am with you and you shall be abundantly blessed of Me. Do not “what if” or read into this for you know not of what I speak, a moment of trouble for an eternal glory. Selah.
Rest in Me. I work for your good and blessing. Be comforted in that, soon and very soon. I delight in you- double delight, not one thing shall harm a hair of your head.
Really rest and be sure in Me, your savior, redeemer and friend. Resist the enemy and he shall flee from you now. Selah.
If you were going to pick a profession as a builder or concrete layer, fire fighter or paramedic, nurse or doctor, police man or even a lawyer wouldn’t you want the best training and equipping possible? I believe in Acts 2:4 we are taught about some important “equipping” that can take place in the life of a believer. Yes, I believe that this is available, and probably most necessary, today. This verse speaks of being filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues as that Holy Spirit enabled them.
This is one “gift” I fought with God about for a number of years. I had been saved in a church that taught 99% of speaking in tongues today was demonic. It took the Lord some time to teach me otherwise.
Isaiah 48:5 speaks of “new things”, hidden things unknown to you (us). Now why should it surprise us that there are things we do not know that God does? I mean, think about that for awhile. Seriously, it seems the older I get and the older in the Lord the more I realize how little I do know. In a way, I guess that is a good sign of “growing up”. Isn’t it truly the teenager who thinks he/she knows everything? How many of us want to remain a teenager for life?
In Isaiah 43:19 we hard again about a “new thing” and God through the writer asks “do you not perceive it?” and likens the process to making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.
James 4:7 contains an often misquoted verse. How many times do you hear people spouting off “resist the devil and he will flee from you!” I am thinking that they left out the very most important part of that verse “submit yourselves then to God….” If you are plugged in to the right power source, God, then you will have power over the enemy, probably then and only then. Can we trust Him? Actually there is no better hands to be in!
Prayer: I am puzzled and somewhat dismayed BUT I choose to trust, to lean on You, dear Jesus. I know You have my very best interest in Your heart. I want to but do not need to know ALL right this minute.  Please help me to rest in that and trust You more. Help me to hear and see with your ears and eyes, not my own. I trust in You. AMEN
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