Thursday, March 12, 2015

WHO is this God?

WHO is this God?
I have found that God IS NOT who I thought HE was (in my head) HE was not made up in the image I dreamed up... HE was and is who HE said HE is in His Word to us, the Bible. Who else would have known WAY before Columbus sailed (and they thought would sail off the FLAT earth?) that the earth was a sphere... many scriptures in various books indicate this knowledge ' "as far as the east is from the west..." indicated a knowledge of the earth on its axis... if you travel north, pretty soon you are going south... totally different with east - you just keep going east and never come to the west... His word speaks of the "circle of the earth..." and other such references to show that HE is someone who KNEW even hundreds of years before our best scientists figured it out....
SO, why would we choose to believe HE is not who HE says HE is in His Word? Because if HE is that God then we need to believe what HE inspired to be written... I had a huge problem with that back in my atheist years - I wanted to do it MY way and didn't want to listen to someone else. I drew my own lines in the sand - "I will do this and NOT that..." but somehow I always managed to step on or over my own, self imposed boundaries...
Later, after crying out for forgiveness, I realized that all God did was because HE loved me so much. Not because he didn't care or was arbitrary or trying to keep me from being who I was.... HE knit me together in my mother's womb - who better would know what would fulfill me - HE knew the plans HE had for me from the beginning, while I bumbled and stumbled around making a real mess of my life.
I thank Him for His patience, and for His Word which is there to help and teach us if we will only yield.
How can we not but tell.... we have the keys to the kingdom because of Jesus - who died and rose again to set us captives FREE.
We simply cannot sit and hush when there is such a great gift available for the asking. We have ALL broken His heart. We can ALL ask for His forgiveness and be made new.
Wow, what a most incredible God...
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