Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sunday School Kitty II
Lily can’t catch me
But Caleb might
I’m running away
Will give you a fight!

What did you say
About Sunday School?
Let’s think about that,
Might be cool!

Lily DID catch me
Put me in a cage
I’ll puff my tail
Pretend to rage…

Where are we going
I don’t like the car
Hope for a short trip
Not very far?

I might get sick,
Am getting way too pale
Watch that door
You almost got my tail!

Tune in tomorrow
For more of this then
We’ll ride to church
Not sure just when.

One thing Fat Cat
Will NOT do
Get water baptized
Yuck and ewe.

Stay tuned for more
Coming soon
The Lily and Caleb
FAT CAT tune

“Mommy, Mommy, this is the day I get to take Fat Cat to Sunday School!! Where is that top I was going to wear?  I want those red ribbons in my hair and around Fat Cat’s neck!!!” shouted a breathless Lily from her bedroom.
“Why are you so excited about taking that rascal cat to church, Lily, it will be nothing but a problem, trust me,” said Caleb walking down the hall towards the kitchen.
Oh, oh, something weird is going on around here, I’d better make myself scarce under that chair really fast, thought Tika Marika Thunderpaws alias Fat Cat as she squeezed under the recliner, Hum, barely fit. Wonder when they shrunk the chair?
“OK, guys, we don’t have a whole lot of time. Here’s the kitty carrier. We need to be out the door in 5 minutes,” Mom was ready and trying to get the rest of us in gear.
Show and tell, show and tell, I think duck and hide would be a much better answer for today.  Now if I can just stay invisible.
“Mommy, Fat Cat is hiding, I can see her tail sticking out from under that green chair but I can’t grab her, help me?”
Oh, NO, that Lily girl is trying to rumple my long fur. Why can’t she just leave me alone and forget about all this cage stuff!”
“Come here you pretty kitty and maybe I will give you a treat. Caleb can you get me a kitty treat?”
Ahhhh, FISH smell, well, that’s more like it and I might even come out for that…..
“Here you go, Lily. Yikes Thunderpaws, you don’t have to bite my fingers to get your treat, slow down! Gotcha! Lily, where is the cage and I’ll help you with this walking dustmop”
“Hey, thanks, Caleb.  There you go Fat Cat, your favorite place to be and the door even locks! Let’s go, Mommy is gathering up snacks in the kitchen for my birthday treat in class.” Lily got to “show and tell” since it was her birthday and Mommy made some special treats for the other children to celebrate with her.
“Yowl, murrrrooooowwww, no, no, no every time I get put into this cage we go to that smelly place with DOGS and the lady in a white jacket who pokes me and rumples my fur and sticks things in me…….HEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPP. Yowl, yowl. HISS!!
“Mommy, look how funny Fat Cat looks all fluffed out. Her tail is HUGE! I can’t wait to show her to my whole class.  Maybe Miss Mary can come in from her class and look too, do you think? I am so glad I got to go into the big kids’ class since my birthday!!!”
Mom was busy driving could only catch a glimpse of Miss Thunderpaws but she did look pretty huge sitting in the cage hissing and yowling.
“Come on, you weird cat, settle down, this might even be fun,” said Caleb in a comforting voice as he tried to pet Thunderpaws through the cage.

“OK, kids, we’re here, let me lift that cat cage and get you to your classes,” Mom was thinking it is a good thing we each only have one birthday a year about this time.

Hum, this doesn’t look like that doggie place…. Maybe I can sneak out and find a peaceful place to hide for awhile.

“Mommy, I am glad we are early and can get Fat Cat settled in before the rest of the kids get here.  You’re going to be OK my kitty,” Lily spoke softly as she stuck a finger through the cage door to scratch Tika Marika Thunderpaws.

“Here’s your room honey, let’s see if Thunderpaws will sit in your lap.” Mommy grasped the kitty who had finally stopped yowling.
Oh, boy, now I get a chance to disappear – I think I saw a box where I can hide as we came in here….
“Mommmmmm, she got loose and is running down the hall!” Lily scrambled to her feet and Caleb was already chasing the calico.
Ohhhhh, here is that box, I am going to leap up and hide in……..SPLASH.
“Ahhh, you rascal cat, that is where people get baptized and I doubt that you swim very well, come here!” Caleb lifted the cover and grabbed Thunderpaws as she sunk down into the water.
“Caleb, how is she, oh, my, when she is all wet she really isn’t a Fat Cat at all, is she?” Exclaimed Lily with tears in her eyes.
“Son, I think you rescued that kitty this morning and kept her from a fast trip to Kitty Heaven.  Thank you for being quick thinking and fast to run and get her.”
Ugh, I am all soggy and wet and my glorious fur is a total mess.  I want to go hooommmmeeee. “Meow, meow, cough, sputter, MEOW.”

Do you think we can get back to my class before all the kids get there, Mommy?” asked Lily as she tried to grab a paper towel to wipe the cat.
“Yes, and maybe this time Thunderpaws will sit in your lap and not try for any more adventures!” Mommy reached the door to Lily’s classroom and said hi to the teacher.

“All of this and we still have cupcakes – this is going to be the best birthday ever!”
Thank goodness this doesn’t happen very often.
(C) Marijo Phelps all rights reserved. Use with proper credits.

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