Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Walking Through a Desert?

Heart of Your Presence

O, my Jesus where have I gone
Away from the presence
Of Your heart
And the heart of Your presence?

Enable me to choose
Your best footpaths
To Your secret place
To dwell

May I put aside the "good"
And pursue only You
Your presence and glory
To daily entwine my spirit
Within Yours
O, my Lord.....

After Time Away Devotional (Words from the Lord series)

"Daughter of mine, I receive your worship and your song. In continuing on thusly you'll find liberty, peace, healing and, even more intimately, my love. 

Come rest in my arms, be at peace with me. Come away my beloved. I have grieved your absence but now rejoice. 

Step out in my name, I shall remove your fear and prepare your footpaths. I do LOVE you. I hug you to me. Lift up your song again soon. Selah."

(this was written a number of years ago when my life was living me.)

Time Apart

My daughter, a time of rest, a time apart with me absorb, grow, be challenged, strengthened, lifted up, chastised gently and VERY loved.

Awake and be aware, be surrounded by ME. I do care. I also love you. Let that love lift, encourage you today. Selah.

(C) Marijo Phelps all rights reserved. Use with with proper credits.

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