Monday, June 22, 2015

Can We Really Know How to Rest in the Lord?

Can We Really Know How to Rest in the Lord?

It seems like our Jesus is speaking much about resting in Him lately. We have instant breakfast, microwaved lunch, GPSs to tell us where to go and how to get there, I-pods, Instant Messaging, phones in our pockets. We are barraged by buzzers, pings, dings and bells probably like never before in the history of mankind. Yes, those “rest” and “be still” are making more and more sense with each ensuing new year in our lives, aren’t they?

It is almost getting to the point where we need to be taught how to rest. We sit down with our feet up but the TV is blaring and all the rest of the bells and whistles of our life are going off at once.

Silence, ever, maybe not. We don’t have a TV, DVD player, VCR or talking GPS and I think that helps but I still have so many things happening at once even here in the middle of the mountain meadow. I am sure you can all relate to this.

And once again I hear the Holy Spirit whispering to my soul:

Child, I shall teach you to REST in Me. Strive not. Be at peace. Receive from the Great I AM for all your needs. I cherish you. I shall teach you more. Rest in Me. SELAH

Psalm 62:1 speaks of our souls finding rest in God alone stating that our salvation comes from him. I think this is so true. We try to relax or rest in many ways but true rest comes only from our Lord Jesus Christ. Our salvation comes from him also, not only our born again salvation but out salvation from the tyranny of the urgent – those little fires that we think just have to be put out minute by minute throughout our day. Pretty soon the day is gone and have we truly had that rest time sitting at the feet of Jesus sharing our hearts with Him and listening to His heart for us?

In Psalm 91:1 David speaks of those dwelling in the shelter of the Most High resting in the shadow of the Almighty.

Who could be a better resting place than Him who created us and knows exactly how we are wired to function optimally, who indeed but the Most High and the Almighty. He wants us close to Him. He created us for relationship with Him. Imagine that, the Creator of the Universe caring and creating us to relate intimately with Him.

In Haggai 2:9 the writer speaks of the glory of this present house being greater than the glory of the former house (quoting the Almighty) and in this place I grant peace declares the Lord Almighty. He says it and it is a promise you can bank on. How about inviting Him to bring His glory into your house, your home and your “temple” – we are His temple….. Invite Him to do this yet today while granting you His peace in a new and mighty way?

Prayer: I am so glad, dear Jesus, that you are going to teach me to rest in You.  It seems I am forever retaking this “final” exam. I do desire to receive from You even though sometimes I wiggle too much. Help me to be still? Beginning today, let me wait for that new work in my heart and soul and your peace. AMEN.

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