Friday, August 28, 2015


THE Most Amazing Cat Toy

.....Oh, my GOODNESS, it is the biggest cat toy I have ever seen! It twinkles and sparkles and flashes – oh, look at those BALLS, just for ME…. smash, crash…

“Mom, Hooney just attacked the Christmas tree and knocked it back into the wall.” lamented Caleb.

“Caleb, can you catch that rascal tabby and put him in the basement? He needs a permanent “time out””, said Mom with a sigh.

.....Ahhh, shucks, and I was just sure that toy was put there just for ME… meow… let me just duck behind this couch and maybe they will forget me......,purred Hooney while scrunching under the couch.

“Mommy, where’d Fat Cat go?” puzzled Liliana.

“If that calico knows what is good for her, she’ll be asleep somewhere instead of helping Hooney destroy the Christmas tree we just put up!”, called Mom from the kitchen.

“ I can’t get him, Mom, he just swatted my hand and is WAY back behind the couch. Besides he is too big for me to lift.” “You need to be on a diet, Hooney, your tuna breath is amazing too…” muttered Caleb trying to catch the hiding orange feline.

.....Ffft, I will NOT go to the BASEMENT. There is nothing any fun down there....., Hooney huffed as he wiggled his hind end and took off to hide behind the other couch. Just barely running by the tree , for one more swipe at a tinsel covered branch, with a fragile looking ornament – SHATTER….

“Mom, this time he got the big star of Bethlehem and flattened it all over the floor in a million pieces!”, yelled Caleb.

“You crazy cat! What’s the matter with you? I am NEVER going to get dinner into the oven at this rate, get OVER here….” hollered Mom running into the living room. “Gotcha, and down the basement you GO!” Mom exclaimed as she unceremoniously dumped Hooney on the top step and slammed the door.

.....Harumph, YOWL, I can’t believe this, if that wasn’t a giant cat toy they why in the world did they put it right in the middle of MY HOUSE.....?! With that, Hooney covered his eyes with his paws.

“Hand me that dust buster and let me get rid of this glass, Caleb”, asked Mom.


“You know, Mom, I don’t think Hooney knows what the Christmas tree and Christmas are all about, does he?” asked Lilliana as she picked up the little manger with the baby Jesus in it.

“You know, Lily, that would be a real good bet.” answered Caleb, turning to his Mom, ” but Jesus didn’t come to save Hooney, did He?”

“No, Jesus came to save people like you and me and Daddy and Lily…. we have all said and done things which break God’s heart, we need to ask forgiveness. That’s why Jesus came, not to save cats and dogs. You are So right, Caleb”, said Mom.

“Hey, Fat-Cat waked up and she put her paws under the basement door, they’re playing!” observed Lily.

Thump, thunk, thud, thud….

“Quick, let’s turn on the tree lights and enjoy each ornament and what it means while they are playing,” grinned Mom.

“Yeh, and don’t anybody open that basement door!” said Lily as she snuggled close to her Mom.
(C) Marijo Phelps all rights reserved. Use with proper credits.


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