Friday, September 25, 2015


From my heart - please read???

WHAT am I doing? With my comments and postings? I ask several basic questions to things of life...

WHAT does the Bible say about this?
WHERE is that is God's Word?

YES, I believe God HAS the answers and IS the answer.

I try to encourage, challenge, learn from and pray with my friends/family.

There are times when my jaw drops at what is posted.

I guess there are times when your jaw drops at something I post.

This jaw dropping stuff? It is ok if it helps us to THINK.

I definitely am not always "right" BUT the BIBLE IS!!

God says what HE means and means what HE says.

GOD is big enough to get His Word translated correctly.

GOD loves us and is our most glorious savior - if we ask.

Would it be easier to hush up? Oh, yes, and not get "hollered" at... but, if I really love YOU, then I have to continue to share God's truth, in love.

Time is SHORT, guys.... time to get things straight with the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE, if you haven't already.

In my life? I have broken God's heart too many times - HE has forgiven me and I am trying to now walk in His footsteps, with His help. Thanking my savior and Lord Jesus!

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