Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Talking With the Lord Jesus

You make a smile rise in me
From deep within my heart
Your Word gives perfect direction
You promise we’ll never part
Lord Jesus,
Let me hear you clearly
And move out obedient
In Your way
Let all that I am
All that I do
Please and reflect You
This day.
"My Child, I love you too, take care in hearing, as you are. I shall clarify in a timely manner. Your love is my love. Obedience is your focus and you shall hear my voice. Be not afraid. My work/way shall thrill you. Selah. I am the ways and means provider – trust."
(Father, I NEED YOU!!!)
"Daughter, your ministry unto Me will diversify. You shall be equipped for the army I am raising up. I love and challenge you and give you to meet that challenge. Fear not. Victory is mine and yours in and through Me. I love you. Selah."
Prayer: Oh, dear Jesus, we cannot go wrong seeking and following closely after You! Direct our steps so that we follow in your incredible footsteps every minute of each day. Use us for your kingdom and help us to be a blessing to your people we pray! AMEN
In Psalm 78:1 God, through David is strongly encouraging His people to hear His teaching and listen to the Words of His mouth.
Isaiah 28:23 underscores listening and hearing to God’s voice and paying attention, hearing what He says.
It is mentioned that when the Jewish people find something really important that it is repeated (in scripture). There are many more places where we are encouraged to listen and hear.
In Romans 6:16 we are taught of obedience. What or whomever we obey we become a slave to. The only one I would willingly become a slave to would be Jesus. Think about that for a minute, please.
This scripture goes on to say we have a choice to be slaves to sin or to obedience with sin leading to death and obedience leading to righteousness. The choice here is would you rather be righteous or dead.
It didn’t take me long to pick in that choice.
In Psalm 95:6-8 David is entreating us to come, worship and bow down, to kneel before the Lord our maker; for He is our God and we are the people of His pasture and the flock under His care. David goes on to say today, if we hear His voice to harden not our hearts. We have and are given choices all the time. God doesn’t want pets but those who will choose to worship Him freely. He is SO good. We are sometimes so very messy and yet He gives us that choice.
Psalm 108:13 speaks of gaining victory with God saying that He will trample down our enemies. To have the very God who created the universe on our side, to be our champion. It should be easy to allow our lips to praise Him and praise Him!
 (C) Marijo Phelps all rights reserved. Use with proper credits.

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