Thursday, March 31, 2016

Fabulous Low Carb Meal

Fabulous low carb meal.

Steamed Cauliflower

Steam it and then put in good sized bowl and mash with potato masher

Put in 1/4 to 1/2 cup Greek yogurt (plain)

Sprinkle with 1/2 to 1 cup cheese shreds ( I used the 4 cheese Mexican variety) Beat up with electric mixer. Reheat in microwave. Left overs are good!


Steam prepped asparagus in the veggie steamer. Mick likes mayo, I eat plain.


Get our the electric fry pan. Spray Pam in bottom. Cut up some butter for flavor (I used about 3 Tbsp but less would work) Melt in pan.

Slice 3 chicken breasts so they look like large chicken tenders. Lay on plate and sprinkle garlic salt, pepper and then top with Wondra flour sprinkled lightly. Sear - on the side that is up sprinkle more Wondra (lightly for low carb)

Turn so both sides browned - then take one lemon and squeeze over each piece.

Cook to desired doneness. Very tasty - so incredibly tender and we are stuffed (we had a couple pork chops and 2 chicken breasts - this makes enough for 2 meals.

A Prophetic Word for Your Encouragement....

This is the biggest "word" from the Lord I have ever gotten - it was for the family of a couple of good friends of mine BUT I feel, today, it is for someone "ou...t there" reading HERE... Let me know if the Lord Jesus quickens this to you today? THANKS
The chorus that comes to me is “how great is our God!”
It I could have a “picture” in my mind of your family it would be with smiles on your faces, raised arms, singing that song – as you sing the Holy Spirit is going over answered prayers, provision, lavishing love down upon you guys and reminding you of the past history of God coming through, meeting you where you are, pouring out His love on you and giving you His peace…. HE is able.
He would love to have you resting and trusting and leaning on His most capable arms. Are they big enough? More than that! Does He have enough peace to overcome? Rooms and rooms full of peace – just open that door and take a peek – it will leak out all over you.
Can you do it? (plug in whatever the circumstance for “it”) Nope but “it” is His gift given to you so that you can see just how ABLE He is – He doesn’t mean for you to struggle with grunting and groaning and unbelief (picture getting a hernia lifting that back pack with that boulder that He can make fly with one touch of His finger). He means for you to agree with the enemy (do I have your attention?) and say “no, I cannot handle this – it is too big for me, you are right enemy BUT my Jesus is more than able, more than capable, more than willing and I am calling upon Him right now.
Not by might, Not by power but by MY Spirit saith the Lord. Is there rest in that? You bet. Is there peace in that? More than enough. Is there comfort knowing – yes, yes, yes, knowing in your “knower” and most importantly allowing the Holy Spirit to let that “knowing” trickle does into your heart and soul!
YAHOO – victory in Jesus is not just a song! Victory in Jesus can be the theme chorus for the Lee family. Victory in Jesus can set the captives free, heal wounds, change hearts and open mouths to praise and raise Him up – if He is lifted up He will draw all men/women unto Him. (HE, HE, HE….) In Lee’s family, in Lee’s life, in Jesus’s church that the Lees oversee…. Alleulia!
I feel the above was given to me by the Lord almost faster than I could write it.
You are blessed and He is oh, so, more than able – back up and back off and see the wonderworking power of the Lord Jesus Christ – today, tomorrow and right through the calendar on your behalf. Are His ears too deaf that He can’t hear? Is His arm too short that He cannot reach.
Not in the least.
You are precious in His sight – He has plans for you – He delights in you – He set you free and wants to RUN with you (through meadows of flowers and on the daily paths too)
Is anything impossible for Him?
Is anything Impossible for Him in your family or life?
He desires to show Himself LARGE on your behalf. Will you let Him?
Expect the unexpected – delight yourselves in your Jesus – He died to set you free and is doing just that.
Hands up in surrender – Hands up in “Abba” Daddy position – raising the toddler’s arms to be drawn into the arms of the ever loving and everlasting Daddy. He wants to toss you into the air and hear you giggle. He is your protector and covering and delighted Daddy. REST in that. Childlike is your calling (as opposed to childish that we struggle with sometimes) Delight as that child. Curiosity, wonder, joy, no fretting, knowing that MY DADDY IS ABLE – HE IS BIGGER THAN ANYTHING OR ANYONE THE ENEMY CAN THROW AT ME!
Be His daughter delight – with a big grin – the enemy is taken care of by those warrior angels but first by the blood shed on the cross at Calvary the day Jesus your Lord died for you. REJOICE.
God is pouring out rest, restoration, refreshing, renewal, as you relinquish your grip (gripping hands) and open them raising them up to praise the only one who is mighty to save and worthy of your praise. HE is able. HE is releasing you and setting you free. Yours is but to yield and let Him do His most wonderful and complete work.
Nothing is impossible for Him.
Selah (pause and think calmly about that) Shout unto God with a voice of triumph. Shout unto God with a voice of victory. HE really is able!!!
Whew. AMEN
(C) Marijo Phelps all rights reserved - use giving copyright credit to author - thanks!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Mom’s Last Christmas (A Dementia Story of Love)



Nine degrees, blustering north winds and me, on a scaffold helping Mick with log siding. Not only was I skittish about heights, but I was trying to fix Christmas dinner and keep track of Mom.
The log cabin was about 8 weeks away from being ready to move in.  We had three folding tables and some chairs set up. The plumbing was working and so were we. That’s part of the “blood, sweat and tears” equity you get when married to a builder.
“Honey, can you see Mom in the window?” I asked shifting the 16 footer up to get a better grip.
“Oh, oh, I don’t see her there anymore. You need to go and check on her?”
Mom, who was really no longer Mom since dementia had claimed her, needed careful watching.
“Hold everything and I will be right back.”
I got off the platform, down the ladder, into the garage and though the house to the master bedroom. There was all the Christmas food, microwave, gifts in packages and empty chairs, but no Mom.
“Mom, where are you?” I nervously called out.
I found her in the living room gripping two plastic bags, “These are mine and nobody can have them”, was her terse reply.
“Well, let me see what you have, Mom let’s put these towels back in the kitchen. What else do you have? Ahh, tangerines, you know I’d give you anything I have but citrus always totally upsets your tummy.  Hey, look what I found, your Christmas presents!” I deftly exchanged her bags for ones containing her little gifts.
“Let’s go back to the window so you can watch us do a few more pieces of siding, then we can eat.” I said as I steered her back to the bedroom.
She was amazed by the color in the paper and ribbons on her gifts, not to mention the chocolate.  I hoped that would keep her occupied for a few minutes.
Grabbing my jacket, gloves and hat I hurried back outside to the scaffold, Mick and the log siding. It was gorgeous with the mountains, evergreens and snow frosted landscaping. It would have been even more beautiful in front of the fireplace inside.
“Hon, we just have about 3 more pieces and then I can get the rest myself,” said Mick seeing my concern about Mom and the scaffolding I was climbing.
“OK, there she is,” I waved to my aging Mom.
We placed another large piece of the log siding and used the nail gun. I looked down again to see an empty chair.
“Honey, she’d gone again, be right back!”
I went into the house, hoping everything was ok with Mom.
“Mom, where are you?” I rushed through the laundry, kitchen, hallway, living room and no Mom.  Then I heard noise coming from the bathroom. I knocked on the yet handle less door.
“Yes?” said the small voice inside.
“Mom, are you ok?” I went in despite years of giving her privacy.
She was wetting toilet paper in the toilet bowl and washing herself all over.
“Ah, Mom, let’s go over here to the sink and get you washed up,” I said while flushing the toilet.
“Why, I do this all the time, what’s the matter with you?” was her indignant reply.
I got her washed as best I could and decided maybe it was time to have turkey and open gifts.
Mick must have come to the same conclusion as he was just coming in from the unforgiving weather, to the warm house, when we got to the kitchen.
The dinner that I had cooked at 6:00 AM in the other house over 60 miles away was well worth the packing and driving. It was delicious.
The gifts were nothing really, but to see Mom’s eyes light up as she tore open little bag after little bag of chocolate and cookies, was so worth the effort.
We found out not too much later that she took the precious Christmas chocolate and hid it between her mattress and box spring and then announced to all that someone stole her gifts.
This was one of the most unusual Christmas Days we had ever spent as a family. It was definitely a memorable celebration. This was the last Christmas Mom had with us before she went to be with her Jesus.
I marveled at what must have been going through her head that day. I praise God that she is now safely with Him.
Child, it is coming autumn, a season of apparent dying without but a time of fortification/strengthening within.
It is a beautiful season for roots to go deep, even into the Rock and it is not impossible.
It is not a season of blooms, blossoms or fruit. But without the autumn preparation there would be no resurrection or bursting forth season.
Rest and allow Jesus to deepen your roots, yield.
Be not frenzied, nor dismayed.
Absorb the crisp air, delight in the color and relax in Your Lord. He is able.
Stretch your roots and He will bring forth the increase. Fear not.
You stay put and grow in Him. It is a season of quiet depth and internal growth, a season of strengthening. Selah.
(C) Marijo Phelps all rights reserved. Use with proper credits.
Kids/BC Poems


Tuesday, March 22, 2016


"Seek Me and I hear your praises. Open your mouth and I will teach you what pleases Me. Put your foot forward and I will give you strength, direction and freedom.  Have the desire, yield your will and I will fulfill that my Son might be glorified in what and who you are becoming in His name.  Have the desire and I, your God, will implement it as you relax in Me.  My strength takes over as you release your all to me.  Your work is ashes but My work in you through my Spirit brings forth life."
(C) Marijo Phelps words from the Lord all rights reserved.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Encouragement from the Lord

My child, my precious daughter, you are my own.  My hand is upon you. My Spirit is with you, be not afraid. I will be with your mouth and teach you what you shall say. Your loved ones are safe entrusted into my care. I lift them up in intercession before the Father’s throne continually. Be of good faith/cheer I hear your pleas and know the desires of your heart. You shall see fruit blooming in my splendor soon. Selah.
(C) Marijo Phelps all rights reserved.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Have You Ever Broken God's Heart? What is Sin?

What comes to mind when you hear the word “sin”? I found some notes in my Bible and am sorry to say that I don’t know who the speaker was. Those notes were so good it prompted me to study and write this article.
When I am writing or speaking I most often use the phrase “breaking God’s heart” for things that are sin. Why? Because I think it gives an apt word picture of what our not-so-good choices do to God. He loves us so much that some of those choices we make do, indeed, break His heart.
Webster’s says sin is “to violate the divine law by actual transgression or neglect, An offence in general; misdemeanor, to violate human rights, law or propriety; to transgress. To do or commit wrongly.”
Strong’s Concordance has the familiar “miss the mark” and “trespass” for the word used in Romans 3:23
“for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. There are definitely other definitions of sin, sinner, sinned etc. found there also.
Have you ever been around a person who is all wrapped up in him or herself? Selfish SELF rises to the top in capital letters. Everything revolves around them. They are scheming and angling to make that so. Contrast that with someone who is all wrapped up in God, their Father, who has special plans for their life and time here on earth. Which one is more encouraging to be around? Which one gives you a glimpse of Jesus? Which one do you enjoy spending time with?
The essence of sin is building life around or all about one’s SELF. Sin draws us away from God and into rebellion then unbelief. Unbelief basically makes God a liar in the eyes of the unbeliever. If that person doesn’t believe Him then His promises aren’t true.  I wonder if the person filled with unbelief ever considers that maybe they haven’t grasped truth and reality, that maybe they are incorrect in their conclusions?
Sin could also be exemplified by an inner feeling of “wrong”. Our conscience, our heart and the Holy Spirit all do a good job, even when we are very small, of letting us know when we have crossed over that line. Yes, a person can choose to harden their heart and that seems to be hand in hand with rebellion. The choice is ours.
Hebrews 3:15
while it is said:“ Today, if you will hear His voice, Do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion.”
Sin is simply putting something else before God.
Many times it has been explained as missing the target or missing the mark. Those who shoot rifles, pistols, arrows or even sling shots can relate to this good word picture.
Our sin against God leads to alienation and separation from God, not because He leaves us but because our actions and choices as a sinner made it so.
God is love, perfection and holiness. Why would we chose to be distanced from Him? He is perfect love who came down to die on that horrible cross for you and for me. He was perfect and holy enough to be able to offer Himself in that way giving us His righteousness. All we need to do is ask.
1 John 1:9
If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
That is great news, I frankly can’t think of any better news to share today. If you are separated from God because of your choices why not take care of it right now.
Payday is coming and you have a choice: Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.
I implore you today to choose life. The liberator has come and he wants to set the captive FREE. How do I know? Because He has truly set this captive free!!
 (C) Marijo Phelps all rights reserved. Use with proper credits.