Friday, May 13, 2016

Are You a Spiritual Wiggler or Worrier?

When I was growing up I don’t think they had invented the hyperactive diagnosis yet. Yes, I could sit for hours and hours reading, however, when I was confined to a desk in school I stretched my arms, moved my legs, twisted and squirmed. I wonder…… Nowadays, when I am far removed from that school desk , I seem to hear the Lord Jesus telling me man times and is various words “Daughter, be still, quit your “wiggling”, tune your ears to Me. OK I know that I still need “schooling” so, God, please help me to be still enough to “hear” You. That really is my heart’s desire in spite of what may be evident from watching me.
My little daughter, the confusion you see is of the enemy but I am working through it for your good.

Whether you're frantic or at peace in Me, the outcome is the same.

So you can turn it loose to me. I have a plan for you birthed out of love.

Still yourself in Jesus and behold as it unfolds. Trust me.
In Psalm 4:5 the writer speaks of offering the sacrifice of righteousness and putting our trust in God.
The Lord would not recommend that if it were not possible in Him. How do I show my trust in God? Among other things would be obedience, quick and unquestioning. Oh, the angst and tight squeezed we could avoid if we learned that one really well. No arguing or questioning or “ya, but” responses but action on our part.
In Psalm 18:2 David is speaking about the Lord being his rock, fortress, deliverer; my God, my strength in whom will I trust; my shield, the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.
I think he captured a great snap shot here and this wasn’t even taken from the Amplified version. David had to know his God, know Him well to be able to list all these ways he was fortified by his God. How did he know God that way, through closeness in times of trouble, daily walking by his side and by relying on Him. I suspect that obedience was definitely at the top of David’s relationship priorities with God too.

Moving to Proverbs 3:5-6 we find one of my lifetime scriptures “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” 
The Lord used this one some 19 years ago to speak to Mick and me about moving to Colorado. We prayed for a year and a half while trying to sell the house and have been here ever since. I cannot tell you the blessings of that move, the wondrous plans of God since we came here.  He is totally incredible, have you “tasted to see that God is good” lately? I would encourage you to do just that!
This one is a bit different. I’d like to challenge you go to Proverbs 3:5-6 and read it thoughtfully – ask our Lord to make it real and alive for you today in whatever situation you find yourself. The Word says “we have not because we ask not….” Ask Him questions. “What does trusting You look like, Lord Jesus? What is all my heart? What does it mean to not lean on my own understanding? What does it mean to acknowledge You in everything? Show me how to walk in the paths You pick out….” He will give you more to chew on also I am sure. Read it over, read it again, read it several more times within the next few days and see what He opens up to you.
My Commitment: write down what the Lord is nudging you to make a commitment to, today.

PRAYER: Dear Jesus, please help me to be at peace in You. Looks like You are telling me that frantic wastes so much time and energy. I do hear You, help me to remember when I am in the thick of it next time. Help me to be quickly obedient. You are a most wonderful blessing. Open the eyes of my understanding, Lord Jesus, in Your Name,  AMEN.
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