Friday, May 6, 2016

Can We Dare to HOPE?

I have not been a Trump supporter - had 2-3 picks before who have since left the race. I am not one to "stay home" but will keep seeking the Lord for who to vote for. A number of weeks ago, I was getting pretty passionate about this whole election thing. Never have I seen so many, even within the Body of Christ, at polar opposites in this choice. I prayed and felt the Lord lay on my heart "when the time comes, you will know who to vote for..." That told me that the field would be narrowed, that I would be voting and that the choice would be evident. I was then wrapped in peace.

Yesterday, after I saw something very negative about Trump I received an e-mail from a Christian friend who is sold out to Jesus. She had felt impressed, months ago, to begin earnest prayer for Donald Trump and she did.

She sent me the following video of an interview and asked me what my impressions about it were.

I am posting this so that maybe we can DARE TO HOPE. I had some questions at first but they were all addressed through the rest of that interview.

Please give me your thoughts on this?

I was totally blows away by the possibilities.

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