Monday, July 25, 2016

Do Not Let Guilt Overwhelm You into Inaction
I was running errands in Colorado Springs one day recently. We live about 65 miles “out” from the big city so when I do go in I have a “list to run”. About twice a month I make the day long trip into the city of close to half a million where we used to live. What has changed in the five years we have called the mountain meadow our home? Not much. There is the convenience of many and varied stores. Streets are torn up with construction and the traffic seems to have doubled. There are still people doing most dangerous things on the roads sometimes at the expense of other drivers.
My list was getting shorter. I’d met Mick for a quick lunch and was back at doing errands when my cell rang.
“Marijo, I just remembered we were supposed to meet for lunch at Souper Salad today and I missed you!” Chris’s voice sounded remorseful and a bit panicked.
“Oh, no! I didn’t turn the calendar over to the 1st today. Chris, I missed you too and had lunch with Mick!”
“Well, how weird we both forgot, let’s do lunch the next time you are in Colorado Springs.”
This was a first. Chris and I have been friends for over sixteen years since meeting at a retreat for the crisis pregnancy center volunteer staff. She and I chose a room that was away from the rest of the gals in the dorm setting because we were just sure they’d all stay up way past midnight talking and giggling. By 3AM they had all been sleeping for hours and Chris and I were still discussing end times prophesy .We clicked SO well. We have been good friends and prayer partners ever since.
I am mentally contrasting my missing lunch with Chris with my missing my quiet time with my Jesus. And wondering why I beat myself up so badly about the latter instead of picking myself up and purposing to not let it happen “next time”.
Child, be not condemned because of occasional shorter or lacking quiet times. DO NOT let the backwash of separations come between us in any way but draw closer still. I AM your beloved and you are Mine. There is purifying to be done and intimacy to be gained. Delight your heart in Me, as I delight in You. Draw really close and I shall gather you into my waiting arms. You are mine. You are Mine. You ARE MINE. Selah.
In Deuteronomy 33:12 we, as the beloved of the Lord are encouraged to rest secure in Him and reminded that He shields us all day long, the one the Lord loves rests between his shoulders.
OK, I missed a “date” with my Lord. Does that mean He will turn around, get huffy and walk away leaving me on the sidewalk? Thinking about it I cannot say that has ever happened. I might realize I have missed richness and intimacy but He doesn’t turn on His heel scorning me, far from that.
It is a simple matter of me turning and once again, lifting my face to my Lord.
Tonight grab your favorite Bible and a pen writing some things the Holy Spirit teaches you from the following verses.
Job 22:26
Psalm 1:2
Psalm 35:9
Zephaniah 3:2
My Commitment
It doesn’t take too much thought to figure out which woman (person) we would choose to be, does it?
Prayer: Dearest Lord God, how can I not draw near to You? You who ask, You who call, You who carry me so many times? Thank You that I am yours and You call me by name… Help me to feast upon your word even more!  Lord Jesus we ask this in Your Name, AMEN.
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