Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Prophetic Word (word from the Lord Series) Listening to Your Lord

Listening to Your LORD

Child, you are Mine - I love you with a never ending - inexhaustible love...  that means My patience, My concern for your very best interest, My energies, YOU are my focus and joy. Yes, YOU bring joy to the heart of the Father - not just when you shine, but also when you tumble and skin your knees, as it were. You are my delight as you grow up to become more and more like my SON. Fret not nor worry but simply put one foot in front of the other following Him, your Big Brother - go forward in Jesus. He will carry you when you can no longer walk - HE is your provider, HE is your healer, HE is the one who FORGIVES. HE is freedom for you from all that is dark around you or that you have pursued in your past... You simply cannot out-give or our bless what Jesus has in store for you. Obedience is the best give you can give and the most freeing pathway to walk in. Pursue holiness - HE walks in front of you showing His way. Enjoy the blessings - the people I have placed in your pathway. Enjoy the sunsets - look to your God - look deeply into His eyes - His eyes are upon you each minute of His day - this IS His day - please take time to rejoice and be glad in it - His joy truly is your strength... You truly are never, ever alone. Do not take side paths but follow, follow after your Jesus. AMEN


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