Thursday, February 9, 2017

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

REST (Word from the Lord Series)

REST in Me
BLEST in Jesus
Child this is your season of change, new ways for new days.
No corner cowering, stand tall in Me.
I AM doing great things in and for you, my Bride. Abide in Me, who set you free, no bondage.
My blood shed for you, price paid in full.
Walk now, released in that fullness of My love.
You are and are becoming "daughter (child) delight, daughter (child) set free". In Me there is liberty for you (all), My Bride, spots and wrinkles going - freshness coming moment by moment as you (all) abide in Me.
Setting free, I AM setting free. You can rise up above the snares set, to soar as the eagle, I AM teaching you to fly and to shelter beneath the shadow of My wings.
REST in Jesus, your "I AM".