Monday, June 5, 2017

A Challenge for My Readers

Not sure about any of the rest of you but there is so much which is an abomination to the Lord - whether done seriously or "in jest" - I am thinking it is time to make a comment about His love and His provision for us and to call most of this what it is - sin.... God gave a very dear price to set us free and to walk in freedom (His SON!!!) Why should we tinker and tor around with that? So much of what is "out there" today is an absolute abomination to God... We need to honor Him and the sacrifice made on our behalf. Once again, I am hoping the "silent majority" will no longer be silent - when we are "silent" it is perceived as our tacit stamp of approval... God forbid... DOES THIS STRIKE A CHORD WITH ANYONE?
TIME IS SHORT.... I want to make it count for JESUS!!! Please join me?


Jephyr! said...

I the US our "culture" has changed so much in a very short time...and sadly this includes far too many believers and churches. Fortunately I and many others have finally awakened...and are willing at long last to stand up! Jesus is LORD!

Marijo (Mary Jo) Phelps said...

Thank you for commenting... the remnant needs to stand strong for the Lord Jesus and God's WORD!!! Appreciate hearing from you on this especially.