Friday, June 2, 2017

GREAT new book on end times written by a long time friend - his life work!!!

The very best Sunday School class I ever participated in was taught by Cliff Kelly and was his first venture into the book of Revelations. We all were kept on the edge of our seats hanging on to what the Lord Jesus Christ would reveal to us the next time we met. This became a “life work” for my dear brother, Cliff. I highly recommend this easy to understand yet riveting “dig” into the Word of God. So much of this is making “front page” headlines today. A most incredible, Biblical work! - Marijo Phelps
"Entire forests have been cut down to provide paper for books on the end times, especially since the publication of The Late Great Planet Earth, by Hal Lindsey in the 1970s. Very few of them have combined piercing biblical exegesis with a broad understanding of the cultural and political situation in the world as a whole. In The Sixth Seal, Cliff Kelly provides a brilliant biblical understanding of the entire basis of the concept of ‘end times,’ as well as of the political and cultural challenges facing the body of Christ and the entire human race all over the world. No matter what kind of Millennialist you are, Kelly’s book makes more sense of the Scriptures and current global actuality than anything you are likely to read in the near future." – Dr. David Aikman, author and journalist
“Cliff Kelly has crafted a masterpiece in his book, The Sixth Seal! This riveting story should come with a warning on the cover: CAUTION! DO NOT READ IF YOU NEED TO SLEEP OR EAT OR WORK! Kelly’s Sixth Seal is a spellbinding work written for such a time as this!! It will stick with you for days after you read the final page and lay the book down!” – Bodie Thoene, author and film consultant

You may get a copy on Amazon
Get ready – it was really difficult to put down!! Marijo

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