Friday, May 4, 2018


A lovely lady from church and I are studying together - today is our usual day - last night we e-mailed and her roof was leaking - the roofers were coming today. I was sad we couldn't meet but grateful they could come this soon...
God going in the kitchen but found a wonderful e-mail with suggested verses to pray regarding the next election - I was praying and the Lord laid something on my heart i wanted to share with the sister who had send me the verses... was in here typing away and the power went out (mind you, I had two timers set for two different things I was cooking - the time was erased on one and the other was way past time when I figured it all out.
Lights came back on and I finished writing Carol... and my delicious lentil noodles were falling apart over cooked (and went into my casserole anyhow...) and wasn't sure it the almonds in the over were truly toasted. Got the nuts out - cooled them and was putting them in rubbermaid containers when I notices "nut debris" on the black, glass stovetop - you know how you automatically wipe things with your hand? Well my left palm then got burned on the burner where I had over cooked the noodles - I ran to the sink and turned on the cold, well water and left my hand there - pretty soon I went to the bathroom and got wonderful aloe vera all over the hand (I am a former burn unit RN - the palm hadn't blistered then but I expected it would...)
Now, what to do - I had prayed for the lord to heal my hand - but was also in the middle of cooking - I could see what the juice for the lemon chicken would do to my hand and what the aloe would do to dinner.... So I found a disposable glove that seemed to cover the bases and did some typing... Then managed to squeeze the lemons and get the chicken going.
Decided to share this with times like this, I have learned to know the enemy has temper tantrums... when he is fighting this hard (or trying this much to distract) that God is doing something neat and I am probably doing something good or the enemy wouldn't be acting up so much... I think the scriptures Carol sent and praying for our upcoming election are very important and that might have started it all - I also think the time Linnea and I have been spending together not only blesses us but it touched God's heart.
I am just now looking at my left palm - which was very red and appeared like one of those burns which would develop blisters and be a mess for a number of days. It is a pale color and looks just like the right (unaffected) palm!! It no longer hurts and there is not one sign of the burn I suffered only a couple hours ago.. Praising Him who is, indeed, ABLE!!!

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